Consultation and Fee Policy

Call 202-338-1995 to schedule either an in-person or telephonic consultation. Please bring all relevant documents to an in-person consultation, or send them via facsimile to 202-338-1994 prior to a telephonic consultation. Please provide the following items: A curriculum vitae (résumé), passport, I-94 Arrival/DepartureCard, work permit, DS-2019, IAP-66 or I-20 forms, all previous submissions to or decisions by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Labor,the Department of State, and/or the Immigration Court.The purpose of a consultation is to provide Ms. Yanni with sufficient information so that she may analyze all of the client's immigration options, including the timing and cost for achieving the results sought. The fee for a consultation with Palma Yanni is $500.

When possible, based on the facts presented, fees will be quoted during the consultation meeting provided all relevant documents have been presented to Ms. Yanni. Ms. Yanni generally bills on a flat fee basis, and fees in each case reflect the individual facts presented, the urgency of the client's problem, and the anticipated time and skill required to achieve the client's goals. An initial payment is required to start work, and the balance is billed as the work is done for the client.

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